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I hate to see my original blog go, but I have splurged for my own domain name. So, will now become

Please switch your suscriptions. All 6 of you.

It’s over.

Good bye old.

Welcome New.


My day

Posted on: March 1, 2009

Mobile Pic in Car

I had an abnormally happy day today. I don’t know why. Nothing special happened. I just woke up happy, went to a staff meeting and came home. Happy. Nothing has changed. I still have no job. I have still been single for 27 (almost 28) years. And I am still majorly in debt. But I was just happy today.

It was a great feeling.

I am childless, but I love kids.

I have worked with them since I can remember.

I plan to have plenty when I’m married.

In the meantime, I claim the children of my friends.

Here is a video featuring some of my kids.

Please keep in mind that this really has absolutely nothing to do with Obama. Even though his name is mentioned, this post is in no way used to advance his name or cause or whatever. He seems like a stellar guy in real life. He may or may not be the change that the world needs. Right now, I do not care about that. Frankly, politics are not my thing. So, before people write me about what they think of Obama, please reread this last paragraph. This is not about him.



(Sorry it is not the clearest. Mobile videos will do that. But I think it is enjoyable nonetheless.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kids are awesome!

My Weak StatsI was looking at my stats today and although, in reality, stats should not affect my blogging self-esteem, I realize that I am the maker of my own stats. And my BSE (that’s an acronym for blogging self esteem) is loooooooow. And it is all due to my lack of good/consistent entries that my stats suffer so. I need a blogging plan.

One day my cousin was reading about making a blogging plan or whatever. I think the article was about knowing what you will blog about ahead of time, sort of schedule it, structure it. At least I think that’s what the article was about, based on the title, because, of course, I didn’t read it.

That’s why she has more loyal readers. And that’s why she is such a good blogger. Commitment. I don’t even know when the year anniversary of my blogs are (I have another one here which was really here first) That’s how lethargic I am about the whole operation (not sure that’s the correct word).

Annnnnyway, I’m thinking I am going to settle down one day and create a blogging plan. I vow to become a better blogger. Find things to blog about that I am interested in and will interest others. Perhaps will be intellectual and make humanity ponder its very existence.

Or maybe, I’ll remain the way I am because I am so lazy.

We’ll see.


Oh, I wish I could say that I was moving houses, since I am 27 years old and I, you know, still live with the ‘rents after being independant for more than 2 years, and would love to invest in my own home for, you know, investment purposes, since my younger brother has already done such a thing. But alas, that is not what I mean.

What I mean is that I am moving this blog. That’s right, I have almost figured out the own domain website posting thingy and I have moved And All Other Things to:

For the next little while, I will double post, because I still need to straighten things up on the new site. Like making my links pretty and stuff. But when things are ready, I will make the move permanently.

Tears are welling in my eyeballs as I type. Makes it kinda hard on the vision. I’m gonna miss the ol’ blog.

*sniff* *sniff*

D’ah well.

Link there if you would like. It’s prettier.

When I have moved permanently, the post title will be “I’ve Moved!!!”

Until then…


Random post, but I thought it was quite cool.

But then, it really doesn’t take too much to impress me.

Annnnnnyway, for some reason, when I am on the internet, which is all the tim quiet often all the time, I prefer to have my gmail open in the first tab. A few times, I have accidently closed the gmail tab, forcing me to close and then reopen the whole application so that my gmail tab can be first. Well, low and behold, I just did it again – closed the tab I mean. And so, I just tried, for the heck of it to see what would happen if I dragged the tab. And… it worked! Clicking and dragging allows one to reorder their open tabs!

Who would have thunk?!?!

Well, probably everybody else that uses Firefox.

And Safari for that matter. Because yes, to see if it was exclusive to Firefox or if Safari utilizes it too, I did open my Safari and tested it. It worked.

Did anybody else know that this was possible?


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