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Life Can be a Fairytale? (original airdate 01/28/08)

Posted on: February 22, 2008

I originally put this entry on my old blog and although it has nothing to do with acting, I am still including it. Actually, be prepared to see other types of entries that do not quite have to do with acting. They have to do with me and that’s all I have to say about that. :O) Now here it is:

I was going to title this entry “Why Can’t Life be a Like a Fairytale?” because currently my love life is non-existent. Ok, I should rephrase: this is not only its current situation, it is it’s always-been situation. But more about that a little later.
Yesterday I was shown that life can be like a fairytale because….
Yes, my university roommate got engaged on Saturday (really January 26, 2008)! Now, some may say that that information is not so overly exciting, or that it does not warrant fairytale status. However, in my life, and hers, it does.
She was just like me, in the same situation. She had never had a boyfriend. All during university we prayed that God would give us the desires of our hearts. We prayed for a great Christian man to sweep us off our feet. And although I have complete faith in God’s abilities, sometimes I found (find) myself believing that it will never happen for me and I know for a fact that my roommate thought that way as well. But, as they say, God is GOOD! In her instance, a very awesome Christian man pursued her (yes, pursued her, ahhh… so romantic). What we prayed would happen in our lives happened for her in the month of July.
I live vicariously through her… well sort of. I love hearing her stories and I was holding my breath, waiting for the announcement of the engagement. This whole experience has shown me that life can play out like a fairytale. The only question is “why can’t it play out like that for me?”

The Ramblings of Me
I have never had a boyfriend. I have (basically) never had anyone ask me out. It is even hard for me to think that I am even attractive to guys (and the shady guys on the ship do. not. count!). In BC I am suitor-less. In VA, I am suitor-less. It is too much to ask for a nice, handsome Christian man to show interest in me? It is too much to ask to know that these types of men (nice, Christian and good-looking) exist? It is too much to have a man whose looks speak like the lyrics of Landon Pigg’s Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop*?
Perhaps I should have titled this post “Why Can’t My Life be Like a Fairytale?” *sigh*

Congratulations to my girl!

Listen to Landon Pigg’s “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop” below!


2 Responses to "Life Can be a Fairytale? (original airdate 01/28/08)"

Hi Ruthie,

I found your blog thru your post on Blog Unioners.

Welcome to the wonderful world of (future) adoption blogging! And in the mean time, as another single Christian gal (a single momma, waiting for another from ET), I can’t wait to see how your story turns into a “GOD-tale!”

I love this song, BTW!

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