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REST International Ministries and Desks

Posted on: February 23, 2008

My dad has a ministry called REST International Ministries. In November 2006, he traveled to back to Nigeria (both of my parent’s home. They left everything familiar to give the best to their children, but that is for a future post). One part of his visit was to see family but the other part was to witness the need that the country has and to devise plans of which we, North Americans, can help. He initially went in response to the AIDS epidemic that is plaguing the country and the continent, but when he returned, something else was tugging at his conscience. Here is an excerpt from the Rest News Winter 2008 newsletter:

A little over a year ago, I traveled to Nigeria for a fact-finding mission concerning the HIV and AIDS pandemic that is ravaging the country and the whole continent. I wanted to see the faces of the disease for myself and plan ways to help. HIV and AIDS are still major problems in Nigeria as they are in other African countries and all over the world. During my visit, it was clear that there were other pressing issues that we seemed to neglect as it were. These issues are Poverty, Illiteracy, Corrupt Leadership, and Spiritual Bankruptcy. This neglect is very apparent as one travels the streets and visits the schools. During my trip, I visited a number of schools, both private and public (government). One thing that was clear was that while privately owned schools are better equipped with necessary school furniture, books, and other essentials, the public schools lack these necessary things.

One such school is the Ozar Secondary School, ASA in the Ukwa Local Government Area, Abia State. As I toured the school, I was amazed at its deplorable conditions. Everything in this school needed repair. The windows, doors, ceiling, walls, and roofs were broken and leaking. The principal and teachers sat on broken chairs behind broken tables. Some of the students sat at extensively damaged desks, if they were available – otherwise they sat on the dirty floors.

Click here to view the entire newsletter

My dad brought back pictures that depicted the deplorable conditions in which these kids are learning. In short, it is unacceptable. So, his mission is to help the schools of Nigeria. He hopes to fundraise enough money to go back in the near future. Can you help? Any amount can make a difference.

Ozar Secondary School
  • $60 can provide a desk that will seat two students.
  • $105 can provide a sturdy desk and chair to a teacher or principal
  • $7,318 can provide a complete renovation of the 1st building, which is the administration building.
  • $8,408 can provide a complete renovation of the 2nd building, which includes classrooms for the junior
  • high school students.
  • $8,544 can provide a complete renovation of the 3rd building, which includes classrooms and the science lab for the senior high school students.

You can make a difference by helping to transform the lives of the students and teachers at this school.

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