All Other Things

For all other things

Posted on: March 3, 2008

I have a blog that I started not too long ago at Its purpose was to chronicle my journey towards my acting career and it was also to chronicle my journey toward adoption in the future. But it began to include other things that did not pertain and began to feel cluttered. So I made a new blog. That is my solution. This blog will include posts about everything else that I am interested in or want to write about that does not fit in with the two purposes of my other blog. So here goes. The beginning of all other things.

Oh and you may notice that my other blog is blogspot and this one is wordpress. For no real reason, except I wanted to try something new. :O)

 And I have included the posts from my other blog that fit more with this blog.  WordPress is cool ’cause it lets you import stuff.


2 Responses to "For all other things"

Welcome to the dark side! I like your new home 🙂

Checking in- saying Hi. Didn’t I warn you that blogging is addictive?:)

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