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Please Pray – follow up

Posted on: March 14, 2008

Ok, remember when I asked you to pray in this post? Well, things did not work out quite as I had hoped. The long story short is that we were praying for my foster brother to be placed back into our home. We had had him from when he just turned 6 to 9 1/2 years of age. The only reason he left our house was because he got a new, incompetent social worker (I really want to describe her in other words, but… let’s just say she is lucky that I do not curse). He was removed from our home and placed with a couple that could not deal with him and within a month and a half was placed into another home where he remained until this last January. This was in 2002. In January 2008, we learned that he was in a group home. My dad went down to the office, in person, to tell them that the group home was not the best place for him. He said that we were willing to take him back immediately. They told him that they will talk to his resource worker and then they will get back to us. That was two Mondays ago. The news now? He’s getting adopted by another family. 😦

I know that I should be happy that he is being adopted and that he has stability, however, I am NOT happy for selfish reasons. He is MY brother. He called my mom and dad mom and dad. He was the ball boy at all my sibling’s and my games. He was the fifth child in our church directory for goodness sakes! The only reason he is not in our home today is due to a st*pid (and I think racist) social worker and an incompetent ministry.

Yes, I am sad… you don’t even know. But I wish him all the best. He knows our family loves him. Besides, God’s way is the best way. He knows what He is doing.

Please pray that God will help take the bitterness from my heart. Please pray for my brother and his new family.

Thank you for your prayers.


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