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Grace made me do this… 10 tag

Posted on: March 17, 2008

The title says it all. Grace made me do this 10 tag thingy. She tagged me and that means I have to share 10 things about myself and then choose five people to tag. I “tag” them in their comments section and tell them why I chose them. I must direct these individuals to my blog so they get the full details and I cannot tag the person who tagged me. Oh and apparently it is courteous to let the person who tagged me know when I have posted. Something about sheer delight and extra work.

Miss Grace tagged me because she thought that I would “share some interesting things, and may actually get started on [my] “100 Things” post.” Nice and subtle Miss Grace. Nice and subtle. And did she even stop to think, “Does Ruth even have five people that she can tag? Does Ruth even know five bloggers…” Noooo…. I don’t think she did. 😛 However, I have found that once you’re “tagged” it’s kinda like you’re now an official part of the blogging world. So… that’s cool. Anyhow, I think I have three people that I can tag. But, I will get back to that at the end of my list. Now here it is. The 10 tag thingy:

10 things about me:

1. I love Jesus with all my heart.

2. I am Nigerian by blood and Canadian by birth.

3. I am the oldest sibling of 4. We have also had many foster children come through our house since 1999. I have been the oldest of all of them too. In fact, I am also the oldest of all the cousins.

4. Robin Williams once said that I (and another girl) looked beautiful when we were on the set of Night at the Museum.

5. I have wanted to be an actress since I was young. I am now going to pursue my dream, after I graduate in May 2008.

6. I have worked with children all my life (daycares, Autism therapist, Sunday School, ESL, etc). Through this I have worked on cruise ships with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as a Youth Staff. My ships were the Voyager of the Seas, Navigator of the Seas and Freedom of the Seas.

7. I can jump. The highest I have touched is 9’11”. Just below the rim, which is disappointing, because one person (he was a coach, but I do not remember who) told me in grade 8 that by grade 12 I should be able to dunk. I admit, I could have worked harder on my fitness at times, and so I believe if I give it my all and really try, I could probably get a bit past the rim. If I wanted to now…which I don’t…necessarily…

8. I played university varsity volleyball.

9. I plan on having 10 children. When I was growing up, my number was 16, for some reason. But now it’s just 10. I will build my family by personal pregnancy (hehe) (4) and adoption (6). Those are my thoughts, but you know how God works.

10. I have never had a boyfriend. And I have really only been kinda asked out once. Yep, going on 27 years of singledom.

11. 26 years ago, this month, I was almost sacrificed to a cult (I was six months old).

**You may notice that I have 11 things instead of 10. That is because the first one is just a given**

You know what? This list thing is actually pretty fun. You’re right Grace, it may help me along with creating my “100 things” list. You’re so smart.

As for my 3 that I am tagging:

Jumoke I want to tag her because she’s my cousin and I love her and she reads my blogs and I am interested in what she has to say.

Lies I am tagging her because she is one of the few of my friends that does blog, therefore, she may do this little exercise. I played volleyball with this one all my 5 years (minus one semester). We came in together and left together. I love this girl.

Chinook She keeps a really cool blog. And I worked with her on one of my ships. She is a cool chica and a fabulous stilt walker. It was an honour taking over from her.

(And you know, I thought hard and deep and found out that I do know more than three people who blog. And so, Miss Grace, I apologize. :S)

Tracy Miss beautiful Mom Tracy. Went to uni with her and I think that she’s fabulous. It would be cool to read stuff about her.

Rhonda This fabulous female is bound to have a few interesting tidbits up her sleeve. I played volleyball with her and think she is wonderful.

There! I’ve done it. Now, keep your eyes open for my 100 things post. But blink a few times, because I’m not sure how fast it will get done.

Until next time people,



4 Responses to "Grace made me do this… 10 tag"

Thanks for the tag…now to find 10 interesting things that you may not have ever heard or guessed about me…hmmm…

I think 11 is a story waiting to be told.

You should also do an entry on stars you’ve met/had contact with, or movies you’ve been in on your other blog (or is that really cheesy and not something a star-to-be would do? or more portfolio-oriented? Hmm, I think so)

I agree with Jummy. 11 is a cliff hanger.

heheheh *insert rubbing hands together with glee* I do know that it is a cliff hanger and it will be told. It’s a God story. It’s kinda cool…

And Jum Jum, I will be doing a series of entries connected to that sort of thing on my other blog. In fact, I wrote the first entry, but I have to do something to go with it and so that is why it hasn’t started yet. And even if it was cheesy (which it isn’t), I would do it anyway. You know me.

See! How does that verse go? What man intended for harm, God has worked for my good?

Not like I tagged you for your harm, but here you thought it would be so terribly difficult, and it ended up being fun!

Can’t wait to read about #11….

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