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Perhaps I’m long winded….

Posted on: March 21, 2008

I have noticed that my posts are long. And two people (both in my family….hahaha) have loaded my blog and then asked me questions that are answered in my posts. I told them, “If you read the post, you would know.” They cried, “It’s too long.” Hmmmm… perhaps it’s time to use fewer words? Perhaps post length has affected my readership…

What do you think?

(Wow, what a short post…)


1 Response to "Perhaps I’m long winded…."

One friend told me that if my entry is longer than a few paragraphs she skips it!

But I tend to write these introspective pieces so it’s hard to keep them short and sweet. I guess I could experiment more with having different parts…and spreading an entry out over a few days because after all, we do want people to read what we write, right?

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