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Posted on: April 18, 2008

Africa is Now Officially a Country

By Nnenne O. Una

Published: April 18, 2008

AFRICA – It is official. Africa is now country. According to many world maps and globes, Africa was originally considered to be one of the 7 continents, along with Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Antarctica. However, according to the context in which many North Americans and Europeans speak about this large body of land, it is a country.

“I really can’t wait until I visit Africa,” said one eager individual. “I have always wanted to visit Africa!”

A person knowledgeable about Africa’s official title said this week that the government should have decided this long ago. Because of confidentiality rules, he spoke on the condition he not be identified.

“Africa has been known as a continent for too long,” said the unnamed knowledgeable person. “The map people considered it a continent only because they believed it contained 54 separate countries. But we all know that all Africans are the same. Why else would I get excited to meet a Ugandan and eagerly tell him that I once met a person from Kenya?”

Although not all world citizens will be pleased by this action (namely the world’s Africans), the majority of Western citizens can be rest assured. It is now officially acceptable to dream about visiting England, Mexico, Japan and Africa. It is now adequate to share with your friends that you are traveling to Africa on Friday and know that you are already specifying a country. It is also fine to come back from traveling to Rwanda and tell people that you loved your time in Africa. Furthermore, no one can blame you when you meet a person from the area originally known as Ethiopia and ask them if they know Onyinyechi from the place originally known as Nigeria (of course grossly mispronouncing said former Nigerian name).

A difficult question raised was how to handle the language barrier, however, everyone knows that all Africans speak the same language.

“It is a good thing that officials have finally recognized the indistinguishableness of all Africans,” said Dr. Erudite, who is a linguist. “ What is encouraging is that they can now rediscover African, the long lost language spoken by all who live in Africa. The speculation of a perceived problem is overrated. It is encouraging to know that all will finally be well with the world.”

Note: Not to worry, Egypt will still remain a country. Everybody already specifically names Egypt when they speak about traveling and such. Furthermore, people forget (aka don’t know) that Egypt is (was) in Africa. It is the only exception to the rule.

The Country: Africa


6 Responses to "This Just In – Issue 1"

I love the hell out of this article. I was getting pissed when i first started reading cos i thot it was true. Yeah, i don’t know how many times i will tell some of these Americans that Africa is not a country.Just because I’m African doesn’t mean i should know how to pronounce all the African names especially if said name is not Nigerian. Sheesh!

Love the new feature! I’ll definitely share this with my friends who know how much it irks me to hear someone say they’re going to Africa. I used to respond with “What country in Africa will you be visiting?” Now I can stop asking that second question!

Thanks Ruthie News!

2 days ago, a friend of mine was telling me of her plans for a study abroad in Ghana.

I asked her, why she was so worried about being careful there? She said “Africa has more diseases”

I was about to educate her, u know…but I was tired of doing it already constantly with these ignoramuses

so I just said “Hmm…I didn’t know that”

~Don, Jummy’s Friend.

Wow that was so good to read. I was like are you kiddin me they are making it a country. Gone through it all my life because people do not want to take the time to pronouce a name that if you say it a few times it is pretty easy but they want to still to Mr. U or something easy like that. In time I just hope people will realize that the world is not only Black and White that there are different cultures around and they are here to stay.

What??? Africa’s not a country???? I thought it had been a country for years???? Don’t they all speak the same language?? You know African???? 😉

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