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I know this will be stressful, but Jesus has my back.

Posted on: April 22, 2008

I’m not a stressful person.

I’m like my dad that way.

Even when I was (nearly) homeless at the beginning of last September,

and I didn’t know where I was going to live on the morning of the 1st,

I was cool and collected.

(God worked His miracles, like usual).

Even when I have exams,

which I do now,

I do not experience anxiety.

At least, not outwardly.

Well, not inwardly either,

however, I think it manifests itself through the biting of my nails,

and the grinding of my teeth.

(By the way, I chipped my tooth again last night. I might need to see a dentist, however, I’m POOR).

All this to say that it is just hitting me that I have merely three weeks left.

I have to sell all my stuff,

Condense all to two suitcases.

Send my guitar and bass to my uncle,

for my parents to pick up in July.

Finish a paper.

Write an exam.

Organize my student visa for LA.

Walk at commencement.

Say bye to friends.

Fly to Vancouver.

See the doctor (for school forms).

Organize a bachelorette party.

Be in a wedding (first time as a bridesmaid on my best friend’s day).

Only to leave that night to work so I can attend school in LA.

And this is not even the entire list.

God is good and this is the time where I will fully lean on Him.

I think I might be busy….


2 Responses to "I know this will be stressful, but Jesus has my back."

I think your game plan is good…leaning on Him will ensure that things get done as they should. I’ll be thinking of you as you go through all this.

You have a very exciting couple of months coming up!

You aren’t the only one having to fully lean on Him in these times, as we should always be, I guess. But when it’s “going well” I think we tend to just be thankful that He’s there, but forget that it’s all about Him regardless and we should be leaning even then.

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