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The Adventures of the Walk from the Metro to the Internship

Posted on: April 22, 2008

**Disclaimer. I originally wanted to post this on my other site, but it did not want to work. Later I will post it there too. It was just too good to wait.***

It was a fairly warm, slightly cloudy April 22, 2008 morning.

“Can I go with you,” inquires the majorly older man.

“Pardon me,” replies the ridiculously beautiful young woman, taking out her right earphone.

“Can I go with you?” he repeats, with a shady smile.

Ridiculously hot Nigerian girl emits a slightly confused, pity giggle.

“You know, girl, I have always had a thing for the dark skinned ladies.”

Insert same giggle, a little less confused and a little more disturbed.

“Next time I eat a Hershey bar, I’ll be thinking of you,” he says expecting her to be flattered.

“Umm….,” She realizes that there were no words.

Thankfully the orange man, that signals one to walk, appears.



1 Response to "The Adventures of the Walk from the Metro to the Internship"

You mean you didn’t ask him if he loved Jesus while you were shakin what the Lord gave you?! What’s wrong with you???

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