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It’s raining and I leave in 3 days…. Plus the aftermath

Posted on: May 10, 2008

So it’s raining. Being from the West Coast, this should not be such a big deal, however, I wanted to have a yard sale today because I am moving on Tuesday. But, it’s raining. So, I can’t put up signs. Because in a span of a minute, they will be soggy and useless. I need to get rid of stuff. But, it’s raining. If I was a person that was prone to stress and anxiety, I would probably be dead right now.

I leave in three days and I am not near packed. I have to downsize two years into two suitcases (mind you, I moved down here with a van full of stuff). And I also have an iMac that I hope the airlines will let me pay extra for to check. I will beg and plead, telling them that this is all I have after two years. Perhaps my innocence and beauty will help persuade them.

Perhaps not.

So, my alternate plan is to have an indoor yard sale. Maybe put up a few signs if the rain lets up. I put up a posting on, but good old craig has not been good to me lately.

Another part of my day will consist of working all day and night to be cleaned and packed.

Oh and I have my graduation commencement tomorrow. Dandy.

But, on a happier(?) note, my eyebrows are finally tame. I got them threaded on Wednesday. My roommates and I planned a “goodbye” dinner and how better to say, “I love you and will miss you roommates,” than a good eyebrow threading. Seriously, it’s really amazing how a little pruning of the hairs can change one’s appearance.

Yup here is a picture.

Umm…. yeah, I have no shame.

Yes, I’m single.

Perhaps I should be more like Amy Beth, who has enough self respect and respect for others, to not post pictures of her bushy eyebrows.

And perhaps not.


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