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Thank you for your understanding and your good patience. P.S. I love you. — Part One

Posted on: May 14, 2008

I am home in Canada! I arrived yesterday night and I must admit, my travels had the potential to be more eventful than they ended up being. With all the extra factors that I introduced to my trip, it’s a wonder I’m not stuck in DC. Or Toronto. Or something.

So, my plane was scheduled to take off at 1:30. I needed a ride. Of course normal people (implying that I am the opposite) have jobs. So, I sent an email asking a few of my fabulous friends if they could hook me up with a ride, or else I would be forced to take a taxi or the metro or shuttle or something. Again, my friends are AWESOME and all offered to drive/find a way to get me there. Amy Pauline was the lucky one.

So, as I stated earlier, my plane was set to depart at 1330 hours. Ok, so I had to downsize two years of living in Arlington, Virginia, to two suitcases. Impossible you say? Well, not quite impossible when you add a third small bag, a 17-inch iMac computer and said suitcases that weighed 70 pounds. A piece. I really couldn’t get them down to smaller

With all that, I still left at about 12:00. Not smart you say. You are correct. I got to the airport and the desk lady just looked at me, with a somewhat pained look in her eyes. I actually wanted to check my suitcases and iMac. Now before you think I’m crazy about the iMac, keep in mind I have seen people who make special arrangements for breakable things. Like a guitar. Or a snowboard. Or something. So, I thought I could do that. They advised against it. So I switched my carry-on to a checked bag and my iMac to a carry-on. The desk lady told me to ask the flight attendant if he/she could stow it for me at the front of the first plane. If not, they would have to check it there. So, I went. Praying.

Needless to say, I had to pay for the extra heaviness and the extra bag. I had to pay a lot. Way too much to report here. Kinda sad, really.



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Matronhood says : I absolutely agree with this !

Nice blog layout and theme.

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