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Long time… again and cute little chiclets.

Posted on: July 2, 2008

Ok it has been a month and a day, but for real, writing is too hard on the ship. But I only have four days left and then I leave for LA… via Nassau and Atlanta. It’s going to be FUN… the travelling part I mean… not really :(. Anyway, I should arrive in LA a little before midnight PST. Going to be tired for my 8:15am orientation on Monday. I’m looking forward to it though. So all of this just to say, that I will be able to write more starting next week.

And just a little annecdote to leave you with:

Me (to approximately 10 three to five year olds): Ok little chiclets, come and sit down.

W (little 6 year old boy bumped down an age group to be with his sister): I love you.

ME: I love you too W.

W: Do you think I should marry you or a girl from my school?

ME: I think you should marry the girl from your school.

W: No!

ME: Yes.

W: I don’t want to.

ME: Well, I’m a little older than you.

W: That’s ok. I can grow up.


W: I think one day when you’re sleeping I’m going to take you to the wedding.


5 Responses to "Long time… again and cute little chiclets."

Oh my goodness! That is too precious for words.

I miss you…hope you’re doing well.

Finally, an update! Good to know you are still alive!

You are going to be in LA in 4 days!!!!

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OK that is wayyyyyyyy too precious!

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