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Sitting in the Vegas airport…

Posted on: July 28, 2008

So my sister really wanted me to experience Vegas with her and so she purchased my ticket. She was so excited for me to come, counting down the days for weeks. She left on Thursday with the friend she came out to LA with (they came to visit me for two weeks) and I left on Friday after school. I was a little hesitant about Vegas, but it turned out to be really fun. We met up with some of my sister’s friends, plus my brother and his friends just happened to be taking their basketball teams down there for games. And then we found out that a few boys that I graduated high school with were staying in the same hotel. It was random, but it was good to see them after 9 years. It was a good weekend.

Another thing I am so excited about is the fact that I am in an airport that has FREE wireless internet. Although it’s 5:01am and I have class at 9:00am, I don’t care! I am with free internet. This dial-up is not cool, especially since it’s difficult to keep this blog up. I also have not been able to keep up with reading my favourite blogs. I am so behind. It’s sad. Well, I have until 5:44am to board. I will try to catch up.

Until next time friends (hopefully sooner than later), I will leave you with this little story:

Walking out of the bathroom in a Vegas hotel…

Little girl holding mother’s hand and pointing up at me: She’s very black

Me: Yes I am.

Mother: <<Nervous laughter>>

Me: <<Reassuring laughter>>

Mother: <<Slightly less nervous, but embarrased laughter>>


2 Responses to "Sitting in the Vegas airport…"

You’re such a good story teller.

Kids do say the darndest things (and usually mean nothing by them!)

Hey Ruth,

Not sure you’ll remember who I am but I stumbled on to your blog awhile back through FlowerDust and didn’t realize until about 20 minutes in, that we once actually knew each other!

Anyway, think back to Fleming Elementary and living in the complex at 47th and Knight. I’d love to write more but feel weird about it on a blog. Feel free to write to my email addy. This is random but so great. Praise God. I saw your bro, Emmy, in TO a couple years back….and when you talk about your sister, I remember Joy and Timmy….

I’d love to get back in touch! Godspeed on this dream of yours in LA 🙂

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