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I am in love…

Posted on: July 29, 2008

…with orange Tic Tacs. I have no idea how this love formed, but it has and I cannot do anything about it. I feel like the guy on Juno… except, I’m not a guy. And I haven’t impregnated anyone. And it sucks because at the register at Target, they are just there. Staring at you. And I have had to go to Target for a few things lately. And every time, a new pack of Tic Tacs. These little orange things call my name out loud. And it’s not as though I buy a pack and eat it sparingly. No, I dump them into my mouth, no less than three at a time. Like the guy on Juno. Perhaps there is something I don’t know.

Are there any items that you find yourself purchasing EVERYTIME you go to the store, even if you do not need it?


3 Responses to "I am in love…"

Mike and Ikes! I do not need Mike and Ikes. My butt does not need Mike and Ikes. My big huge monster BELLY does not need Mike and Ikes. But just try to get me out of Walmart without buying them…JUST.YOU.TRY.

I really, truly love to buy coffee. Which is not inexpensive, I might add. But it scares me to think that I might run out of coffee beans!

Thankfully, I only go to the store every 2-3 weeks:)

Spearmint flavored Extra Gum and Diet Dr. Pepper. because someone would have to die if, in fact, I ran out of either.

I do love the orange TicTacs, though.

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