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Things… Part I?

Posted on: August 31, 2008

Well, I just woke up from a nightmare and now I can’t sleep. So I decided that it was a fantastic opportunity to blog. So I give you Things I Don’t Understand (Perhaps it will be Part I, as there are bound to be more things in the future). Oh, and keep in mind that these will be random. They are in no particular order. Come on now, it’s 3 o’clock in the morning.


1. How people can snore so loudly.

2. Why I can’t fall asleep when I hear a person snoring, even in the other room.

3. Why people, especially in LA, suffer from the “false sense of power” syndrome.

4. How I have texted over 1100 messages this month (well, incoming are counted, but still…).

5. How it can be nearly 2009.

6. Why I have been single for almost 27 years.

7. Why I can’t find an awesome Christian man who LOVES the Lord, loves kids, is athletic, is responsible, is respectful and plays the cello (haha, jk…or am I?)… (see, I’m not picky). šŸ™‚

8. Why an awesome Christian man who LOVES the Lord, loves kids, is athletic, is responsible, is respectful and plays the cello (haha, jk) can’t find me.

9. Why people always compare black people, especially children, to edible items, namely, chocolate.

10. Why people think black people enjoy being compared to edible things, namely chocolate.

11. Why I can spend so much time on the internet.

12. Why I can’t speak another language.

13. Why I’m told, “you’re beautiful” by other girls, gay guys and my parents, but never aforementioned Christian guys.

14. Why it’s so friggin (pardon my language) expensive to fly to Nigeria.

15. Why countries in Africa are always referred to simply as Africa.

16. Why my family is so awesome!

17. Why it’s so expensive for a black girl to get her hair done.

18. Why I’m sometimes still afraid of the dark.

19. How God is so good!

20. Why God is still so good to me!

Phew. There! That’s 20. Now I think I will attempt to go back to sleep. The nightmare is gone and the snoring has stopped. šŸ™‚

What are some things you don’t understand?


5 Responses to "Things… Part I?"

Okay, I don’t understand why Americans feel like they have a “right” to “be cured” when they develop lung cancer after smoking for 60 years.

I am at work. Maybe a bit bitter.

Are you going to Christian events like harvet festival? Go where the Christian guys are silly

Snoring is obnoxious and unnerving… Perfectly understandable how you cant sleep. L.A is ego centered not Christ centered. Pull yourself back this is a fallen world and L.A is the perfect example.

they feel they have a right because they are inherently flawed people

I don’t understand why my cell phone does not work when I am at work. It’s a bummer.

Also, I really don’t understand how airplanes stay up. But I am glad they do. Especially considering what I am doing very shortly here:)

thanks for the sweet comment.
and seriously, you are a beautiful, beautiful girl! wish you lived closer and could aide me in Kora’s hair care and give her someone to look up to!
thanks much. and many blessings.

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