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Broker than Broke

Posted on: September 26, 2008

My cousin wants me to stop talking about how broke I am. I would love to stop talking about how broke I am, but that really cannot happen until I am no longer broke. The thing is, when I say I am broke, I mean I AM BROKE. I literally have nothing in my bank account. I have to ask my dad for pocket change when I drive somewhere because if I were to have an emergency, I would have nothing. Not even my emergency credit cards would work. Because they are maxed. You know the ones I signed up for to use strictly for emergencies? Well, those emergencies became defined as tuition. So, they are not even maxed on good stuff. Anyway, all this to say that it sucks to be broke when you want to pursue a career as an actress.

Yes, I know, it is basically a written rule for actors to be broke, but at least many can sustain themselves as waiters/waitresses. If I were to become a waitress, my parents would kill me. Well, not kill me, but…you know. It is all my fault though. I got a Master’s. They want me to work in my field, which is understandable. The thing is, it is proving hard to find a job. Plus, I would ideally like a job that will allow me to audition. Therefore, evening and weekend shifts? Man, this is difficult.

I guess this post is just another a rant. All this is just to say, that I cannot wait to make money so I can pay for acting classes so I can build my resume so that I can get jobs that pay.

Catch 22 anyone? Can you relate?

And now for a kid related story.

So, while working as a youth staff on the cruise ships, my first nutty nickname was Babe Ruth… for obvious reasons. One afternoon, I was working and a 6 year old came up and gave me a picture that she drew for me. It was addressed to Bay Brooth.


2 Responses to "Broker than Broke"

Aww, kids are so cute!

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