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Jorge Blass: The Art of Magic

Posted on: October 2, 2008

What do you think of when you hear the word “magic”? As a Christian, growing up, I always heard that magic was devilish, you know, spiritual and all that. Not the good spiritual.

And that’s how some magicians spin it. That it’s supernatural… blah blah blah. Well, that’s some magicians.

In my opinion, some magic is cool. And one magician, that I know, helped solidify this opinion. His name is Jorge Blass.

When I returned from Los Angeles, many people asked if I met any famous people. Well, I met Jorge Blass. And he’s famous. In Spain.

Jorge Blass is known all over Spain and has his own TV show. The thing is, he went to my school and was one of my classmates. He’s such a nice, down to earth guy. He is always smiling. ALWAYS. And so when he says he’s a magician and he has his own TV show in Spain you’re like, “oh, ok, cool.” Kinda brush it off as a small cable show. But it’s more than cool. And it’s bigger than cable. Jorge Blass is BRILLIANT! See for yourself!


See! I told you. He has worked with famous magicians, has done tricks for famous people, (like Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson), has been featured in magazines and has received many awards.

And he did a few tricks for us at school. I still can’t figure them out. Crazy!

I was just looking at his site today and was amazed yet again. That’s why I decided to post about it. Oh and notice how I always use his full name? Well, that’s because the way he says his name is so cool. That’s all I called him for 6 weeks. Jorge Blass. That’s all.

What do you think of magic?


2 Responses to "Jorge Blass: The Art of Magic"


Thanks for posting this as a magician I really look up to him as one of the greatest magicians out there.

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