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God protects us in a time of… accidents?

Posted on: October 8, 2008

Seriously, how many accidents can one family get into? Well, I’ll tell you.

The day after I came back from LA, I got into a small accident. I hit someone in front of me. There was no damage on his car and some damage on mine. He let it go, which was cool.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, my sister was driving home from school in rush hour. She had finished merging and was waiting for traffic to start again, when she heard this huge crash/scrape. Imagine looking over to your left and seeing a semi truck taking out the side of your car (It was a semi truck with only the front and not the trailer behind). So, the lady comes out apologizing profusely, saying that my sister was in her blind spot, etc. But then another guy, comes out of his car and points at my sister and with an angry look on her face says, it’s your fault. He takes the lady aside, they talk for a little while and he manages to change her mind about who’s fault it was. My sister was a little angry, asking the man, who he was. So, they going through insurance. My sister has a hole in the side of her car.

Thennnn, my dad was rear ended last week by a woman who he thinks might have been drinking. Yeh, in the middle of the day. Driving. Anyway, he’s not sure. There was a tiny bit of damage, but the problem is the car is my dad’s baby. Haha, he just got it and loovvvves it. Nobody is allowed to drive it. And now it has a scratch. Ha!

And finally, this morning, I was driving down the street and a gentleman in a car did not see me coming and he pulled out of his parking space pretty quickly, taking out the front right of my car. My passenger door no longer opens.

I know. Wow. This just goes to show you that God protects. The accidents really do suck, but damaged metal is so much better than a damaged body. Not one of us is injured. They could have been worse.

Tell me of a time when God protected you.


1 Response to "God protects us in a time of… accidents?"

Thank God for protection of your family! Sorry to hear about the damage to your car, your dad’s car and your sister’s (especially given that you were all victims) but you’ve clearly got your mind on the important thing (your safety and protection) so that’s good.

Nice template!

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