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Tagged Again** Revised (thanks to Grace)

Posted on: October 15, 2008

Miss Grace tagged me. So here we go (yay, another seven things to add to my About 100!).

1. When I was younger, I used to cry when my parents told me to turn off the TV. Not little whiney tears, no no… BIG, HUGE, the world is ENDING tears. What can I say? I love my TV.

2. I loooooove reading. If it was possible, I would read all day everyday for the rest of my life **when I’m not watching TV, of course (not sure if that’s really weird, but… whatever).

3. I love the Backyardigans theme song. I can play that for hours.

4. I also love Veggie Tales. That’s basically how my friend (and former roommate) Cheese and I bonded.

5. I was a counsellor to Michael Jackson’s great nephew and Tito Jackson’s grandson for a week once. He was my favourite kid that week.

6. I threw up on the set of 21 Jump Street when I was three years old.

7. I have now increased the number of children I want to 12.

Now, 7 tagged people

My Cousin

Stilt Queen




Diamond Hawk


But like Grace, I am not going to leave comments on their blogs. Not because I have any responsible “Mom” things to do. But because I am lazy. So, if you all read this people, you’re tagged.


1 Response to "Tagged Again** Revised (thanks to Grace)"

I don’t understand. Did you read while watching TV? Or did you turn tor reading because your parents made you turn off the TV? A love of TV and a love of books seems to be mutually exclusive…??? No?

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