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Patience is a virture…. or just walk around.

Posted on: October 17, 2008

I was driving back from an errand with my dad. We had to turn right and were waiting behind a van that was waiting for a break in traffic to take this same right. Now, keep in mind that this van was not turning at an intersection controlled by a light. It was at a naked intersection. One of those intersections that makes you feel like a kid playing jump rope. You know what I mean. When your two friends are turning the rope and you are at the side, your whole body moving with the motion of the revolving rope until you find your in. Anyway, when there is not a light to dictate when to turn, you kinda have to inch until you find your in. Right? K, this van just happened to be on top of the cross walk. It was not allowing potential pedestrians the ability to begin their cross between the two white parallel lines. So what does this pedestrian, who is a grown man (I would say in his 60s) do? Spit on the window and then walk around.



1 Response to "Patience is a virture…. or just walk around."

he spat on the window
strange things are happening in this world
did you have an OBAMA sticker
that is getting bad reactions from random people lol

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