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I didn’t vote

Posted on: November 5, 2008

…because I’m not a US citizen. However, don’t think that just because I don’t live in the US, I had no idea about this election. Heck, even my uncle in Nigeria called my uncle in the US as a result of Obama’s win. But, regardless of who one voted for, it cannot be denied that this was a historical event. Now, whether or not one wants to admit it, it showed how backward and primitive some US citizens really are (and I do not say this as an insult. It’s just what I witnessed and expereinced) . Many would argue that US is completely forward thinking and accepting of all people and that racism does not occur anymore. However racism and discrimination is still rampant in the nation. The fact that race played such a BIG part of this election proves it.

Again, no matter who one was rooting for, I pray that the outcome and the whole process helps to steer the country toward a more accepting direction. I pray for Obama and Biden. I pray for McCain and Palin. I pray for the government and the people in charge. I pray that this nation turns toward God again and lives up to the saying on the currency. I pray that the saying “all men are created equal” becomes true.


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