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Posted on: November 9, 2008

Diamond is completing a 30 Days of Thankfulness series on her blog. I have A LOT to be thankful for, but I am not going to do a 30 day series. At least not now.

Right now, I am  working an overnight shift at a group home (midnight to 8am) and just working here makes me see how thankful I must be. Interacting with these children is so depressing. Not only because they lie, swear, do drugs, smoke, drink, sleep around; but because they think that this behaviour is normal. These children have never been able to be children. They grow up thinking that this anger and sadness is normal. It makes me sad.

I was inspired to write what I am thankful for today.

I am thankful…

…that I grew up in a home with no alcohol. My parents were never drunk.

…that I grew up in a home without swearing. My parents never swore at me.

…that I grew up with parents who said, “I love you.” I never had to wonder.

…that I grew up knowing I was loved. I never had to look for love from men.

…that I grew up knowing the sacredness of sex. I never had to give it away.

…that I grew up in a home without cigarettes. My parents never smoked.

…that I grew up in a home without drugs. My parents were never high.

…that I grew up in a home with rules. I was never out on the streets alone.

…that I grew up in a two parent home. I have always known my parents.

…that I grew up in a home with discipline. I was steered in the right direction.

…that I grew up in a home without abuse. I never suffered physically, mentally, sexually or verbally.

…that I grew up with sometimes nosy parents. I was never neglected.

My work here is depressing, not because the kids are difficult to control, but because I feel for them. Although we try to guide them to make the right choices, who can really blame them when all they know has been wrong?

I pray for these kids. I pray that they may see a glimpse of what their lives could be and follow it.

Meanwhile, I am thankful for my life.


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