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I. Am. Stumped. Revised.

Posted on: January 24, 2009

Ok, so I think I figured out how to embed a song to this post. Finally. Still have not figured out the song yet though. Google and have let me down.

So, please play, listen and tell me if you know what it is.

I will not lose hope!


4 Responses to "I. Am. Stumped. Revised."

Ok… so I really dont like when I cant find something and can spend a considerable amount of time looking for it until I find something…. Well I took on your challenge… and I found the song.

When I listened to it… it sounded like a play… maybe a broadway musical of some sort… and I sorta searched for it that way…

It is titled “A day like today” from the musical Go Go Beach

Here’s a link to check out part of the song:

They’re on facebook… and you can hear the full length song there… it’s track 11

oh… how did you embed the song…that’s something u could help me with 🙂

[…] I. Am. Stumped. Revised. […]

[…] I. Am. Stumped. Revised. […]

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