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A Day Like Today

Posted on: January 26, 2009


My experience with the song just got better.

First a recap.

1. Didn’t know the following song:

2. It was bothering me for a hot minute.

3. Asked the world wide web…world.

4. Then this fantastic individual came through.

5. She let me know that it came from a musical called Go-Go Beach.

6. And they’re on facebook.

7. It made my day.

And then, just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I received the following comment last night:

Hey there!  I wish we had found your blog sooner.  Email me and we’ll get you a copy of the *full* song!

FYI, this song is called “A Day Like Today” from the musical “Go-Go Beach” by John Wimbs, Michael Shaieb, and Brent Lord.

This recording is from the “Full Score Demo” recorded in 2001 and is sung by Sara Ramirez (Spamalot, Grey’s Anatomy) and Gavin Creel (Thoroughly Modern Millie, “Claude” in the upcoming Hair).

Um…. how fantabulous is that?!?! The comment was left by an individual who just called himself “Brent.” Yeah, I’m thinking it’s Brent Lord himself, making him quite modest. I know if it was me and I created something so cool and I was commenting on some crazy person’s someone’s blog, the following sentence would have read like this:

FYI, this song is called “A Day Like Today” from the musical “Go-Go Beach” by John Wimbs, Michael Shaieb, and ME!!!!!.

Ha, just joking. Actually I’m not. No, really I’m joking. Hmmm….

And it’s no wonder that I loved the song so much… Sara Ramirez was [one of] the singer[s]! Many may know her as “Callie Torres” on Grey’s Anatomy. But many do not even know how she got her role on Grey’s. It’s because she’s freaking awesome (for the complete story… look it up).

She is an absolutely incredible singer and is incredibly stunning. I have not seen Spamalot, which she did on Broadway, but I know the soundtrack inside and out. I bought it because of her. But I am kinda embarrassed (again) that I didn’t recognize her voice at all…. but hindsight is 20/20… or so they say.

So, I could say that my life is now complete, but that would just be a lie. However, it’s still pretty darn cool, all that transpired due to my ignorance.

I heart musicals!

P.S. Sorry for the billion and one links.


1 Response to "A Day Like Today"

that’s exciting…
since you’ve got me into the song as well… I dont mind you passing it along 🙂

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