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Dragging the tabs

Posted on: February 1, 2009


Random post, but I thought it was quite cool.

But then, it really doesn’t take too much to impress me.

Annnnnnyway, for some reason, when I am on the internet, which is all the tim quiet often all the time, I prefer to have my gmail open in the first tab. A few times, I have accidently closed the gmail tab, forcing me to close and then reopen the whole application so that my gmail tab can be first. Well, low and behold, I just did it again – closed the tab I mean. And so, I just tried, for the heck of it to see what would happen if I dragged the tab. And… it worked! Clicking and dragging allows one to reorder their open tabs!

Who would have thunk?!?!

Well, probably everybody else that uses Firefox.

And Safari for that matter. Because yes, to see if it was exclusive to Firefox or if Safari utilizes it too, I did open my Safari and tested it. It worked.

Did anybody else know that this was possible?



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