All Other Things

I’m Moving

Posted on: February 2, 2009


Oh, I wish I could say that I was moving houses, since I am 27 years old and I, you know, still live with the ‘rents after being independant for more than 2 years, and would love to invest in my own home for, you know, investment purposes, since my younger brother has already done such a thing. But alas, that is not what I mean.

What I mean is that I am moving this blog. That’s right, I have almost figured out the own domain website posting thingy and I have moved And All Other Things to:

For the next little while, I will double post, because I still need to straighten things up on the new site. Like making my links pretty and stuff. But when things are ready, I will make the move permanently.

Tears are welling in my eyeballs as I type. Makes it kinda hard on the vision. I’m gonna miss the ol’ blog.

*sniff* *sniff*

D’ah well.

Link there if you would like. It’s prettier.

When I have moved permanently, the post title will be “I’ve Moved!!!”

Until then…


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