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Posted on: March 1, 2009

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I had an abnormally happy day today. I don’t know why. Nothing special happened. I just woke up happy, went to a staff meeting and came home. Happy. Nothing has changed. I still have no job. I have still been single for 27 (almost 28) years. And I am still majorly in debt. But I was just happy today.

It was a great feeling.


1 Response to "My day"

That’s great! It’s nice that we have days like this because there are those days when you just feel awful! We tend to not record for posterity those days that are perfectly lovely so way to go for making note of this.

My brother laughs when I say I’ve been single for almost 30 years because it’s not like I could have had (or even wanted) a boyfriend when I was, you know, 7 months old, or 9 years old. Now from age 11, however, that’s another matter…

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