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Last night I had an argument with my roommate and my good friend. We were watching the American Idol results shows (how the heck is Carly gone?!?!?) and somehow the topic of celebrity adoptions came up. For some reason, for the last few weeks I have been so angry every time I read an article about Angelina or Nicole Kidman. Now, we argued about my pet peeve: when articles write such things as, “Angelina Jolie is pregnant with her second child.” What we were fighting discussing was an article about Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s son’s movie debut. Now, I will admit, I either read the article wrong, or read another version, but I was arguing (so passionately) about the fact that the article wrote that Nicole Kidman was expecting her first child. After pulling up an article about this again, I realized that it actually said that “Kidman is pregnant with her first child with hubby singer Keith Urban.” In my opinion, the word with justifies the sentence. It is her first child with Urban.

Nevertheless, my friends argued with me about the fact that the writer was justified by writing that she is pregnant with her first child. Perhaps it’s just semantics because they emphasized the word pregnant. Sure she (Kidman) has two children but has never been pregnant. Still I compare this to articles written about pregnant individuals who have never adopted. Writers will write that she is pregnant with her second child and we emphasize the “second child” part and never even comment on the fact this the second time that she has been pregnant. Who cares right?

Again, I think that this is discrimination towards adoptees and their parents. When you disregard the number of children an individual has and focus on her “second pregnancy” it sends the message that the other children are Plan B. It makes it seem like they are worth less than their “biologically born” siblings.

In my opinion, if they must have a sentence that includes the word “pregnant” and the number of children the star has, perhaps it should read like this:

“Pregnant, Angelina is expecting her fifth child.”

I don’t know. Perhaps I am too passionate about this. Perhaps I am making too big of a deal about it. But I’m not going to change. I don’t want my children to be treated differently (when I have them).

Why should adoption always be passively disregarded?


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