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My Weak StatsI was looking at my stats today and although, in reality, stats should not affect my blogging self-esteem, I realize that I am the maker of my own stats. And my BSE (that’s an acronym for blogging self esteem) is loooooooow. And it is all due to my lack of good/consistent entries that my stats suffer so. I need a blogging plan.

One day my cousin was reading about making a blogging plan or whatever. I think the article was about knowing what you will blog about ahead of time, sort of schedule it, structure it. At least I think that’s what the article was about, based on the title, because, of course, I didn’t read it.

That’s why she has more loyal readers. And that’s why she is such a good blogger. Commitment. I don’t even know when the year anniversary of my blogs are (I have another one here which was really here first) That’s how lethargic I am about the whole operation (not sure that’s the correct word).

Annnnnyway, I’m thinking I am going to settle down one day and create a blogging plan. I vow to become a better blogger. Find things to blog about that I am interested in and will interest others. Perhaps will be intellectual and make humanity ponder its very existence.

Or maybe, I’ll remain the way I am because I am so lazy.

We’ll see.


Matt O’Neill

So, I know this boy who is completely random. He lives in my building and he has become a friend. And he’s random. Completely. Anyway, he gave me a shout out on his YouTube blog thingy. It is because he was supposed to update his YouTube blog thingy last Thursday. LAST THURSDAY!! But it did not happen. Today is NEXT THURSDAY!  And I suffered. I could not sleep. I was depressed because I missed one of my favourite shows.

However, I was in for a great surprise today when I found out that the newest episode was posted. And then I was tickled when he gave me a shout out. Personally. How awesome!

So….. without further ado, here’s Matt!!

Subscribe to his YouTube blog thing here!

Told you he is random.

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