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I think it is only appropriate to start this series at the beginning. To start it with the reason I was able to go to Nigeria for the first time in my 27 years of life. Ideally, my whole family would have gone, but lack of finances did not allow it to be so. Therefore, exactly half of my family was able to go: My dad, my sister and me.


Visiting family, was obviously a major reason for our trip. However, it was not the only reason. See, my dad is a pastor and he was invited to preach at a conference in one of the biggest churches in Nigeria: The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM). This conference ran from November 17th-23rd and featured special guests from all over the Africa and the world. The theme of the conference was “A God Said…” For my first week in Nigeria, I went to church basically all day every day. And athough I suffered from jetlag, it was an enjoyable experience. God was evident everywhere.


The other reason we went to Nigeria was for my Dad’s charity: REST International Ministries. The last time my dad traveled to Nigeria was in 2006. While he was there, he visited various schools and was amazed at their conditions. One such school was Ozar Secondary School in Abia State. This is a government school and many government schools are in deplorable states. Living in Canada, it is so obvious that we take school for granted. We expect to have doors on our buildings. They do not. We expect to have desks to sit in and equipment to use. They are thankful if they do. We expect to use a functioning bathroom at least once per day. They do not even have a functioning bathroom on the premises. This is what my dad saw in 2006.


So he took it upon himself to help make a difference. Upon returning to Canada, he started fundraising for desks. My Dad ended up raising enough money to make 100 three-seater desks for the school (there are 400 students) and 8 desks for the principal and teachers.


My dad is a humble man. He did not think that what he did was a big deal. He thought that he would just go to the school and hand over the desks. Many had to convince him that his act of philanthropy was, in fact, a big deal. It turned out that there was a whole big ceremony.


They welcomed him with singing:


They welcomed him with dancing.


They even presented him with a chief’s hat and outfit. Government officials were also invited, although I do not remember who they were.

The students and the administrators were so thankful. It was a very amazing and humbling experience. It just puts into perspective what we take for granted here every day. These kids were happy to get desks. Can you imagine?


So, that is the back-story explaining why I went to Nigeria.

nigeria3Stay tuned for more!


Matt O’Neill

So, I know this boy who is completely random. He lives in my building and he has become a friend. And he’s random. Completely. Anyway, he gave me a shout out on his YouTube blog thingy. It is because he was supposed to update his YouTube blog thingy last Thursday. LAST THURSDAY!! But it did not happen. Today is NEXT THURSDAY!  And I suffered. I could not sleep. I was depressed because I missed one of my favourite shows.

However, I was in for a great surprise today when I found out that the newest episode was posted. And then I was tickled when he gave me a shout out. Personally. How awesome!

So….. without further ado, here’s Matt!!

Subscribe to his YouTube blog thing here!

Told you he is random.

My friend WOO WOO just got engaged this past weekend. That makes about 180,000 of my friends.

My cousin just got married two Saturdays ago (Sadly, I could not attend). She is the first one of us to have done so.

My close friend got married at the end of July (I could not attend this one either). Of our group of nine, she is the fifth to get married. Oh, but two are dating and two are single. Guess which category I fall under.

A long lost friend just found me on Facebook. Literally right now. She is engaged.

My roommate from uni who is one of my best friends, well, up until last year, we were in the same situation. She had never had a boyfriend and really had never been asked out. But things change and she got married in May.

My best friend from high school is one year older than yours truly. She is married with four children (one being my beautiful goddaughter…oh and the other three are beautiful too).

I have not even had a boyfriend for goodness sakes! I have not even had a proper date. This is not what I imagined my life would be like when I was younger. When I was 7, I knew that I would be married with kids by the age of 25. I knew I would be just like Claire Huxstable.

I’m nearly 27.

So, you can forgive  me if I say that I feel like I am behind. Many and when I say many, I mean MANNNNNY of my friends are at least engaged, if not married, if not mothers. I even torture myself with reading adoption blogs such as this one. This fantastic individual is a year younger than me and a mother of two. So jealous.

Therefore, I see myself as a late bloomer. My married-mother-of-four-best friend and I were talking two night ago and laughed about the fact that her children will be my babysitters. Well, she laughed and I cried. But I guess my sobs could have sounded like chuckles. *SIGH* The good part is that I will have a large pool of babysitters to choose from, which could prove to be handy.

I have almost resigned myself to getting an imaginary boyfriend just like this cunning & brilliant young lady (not cunning and brilliant just for having an imaginary boyfriend, but because… well if you read her blog, you’d know. It’s fantastic!). Obviously it would not be the same imaginary boyfriend because that would be adultery.

But after receiving news, hearing engagement stories, opening wedding invitations and viewing baby pictures, I have to force myself to take a step back and realize that what my friends (you know the ones that try to comfort you and provide reasons to why you are still single? No? Oh, I do.) say may be true. Perhaps I have not allowed myself to be available for a relationship. As many know, I have not been in one place for a long time. I am like a rolling stone (ok, so, I am not exactly like the song, mainly because I am a girl, among other things. But I do wear hats). Plus, and I have heard this many times from different people, I [may] intimidate guys. Sad but true. I do not mean to. I do not even know what I do that intimidates them. I am a nice girl. But apparently I manage to scare them off.

And some say that I have to put myself out there. Like if I find a guy attractive, I should make the first move. Umm… there is just one tiny thing that I am afraid of: rejection. Also, forgive me, but I am a little old fashioned. I feel like a guy should make the move. But I guess if they are intimidated, they won’t, huh?

Oh, and it is kinda… funny(*sigh*) when the only people who are telling you that you are good looking are other girls or gay guys. Appreciated, but I cannot do much with that, can I?

Sometimes I am fine with my single status. Sometimes I am not. But ultimately, I know I must wait. And I am waiting. I am waiting for God’s best. Someone who will do things like this for me. And I know he will be amazing.

But seriously God, must this drag on? How much longer must I wait? hehe…*SIGH*

Anyone know a single guy who is a true Christian and who is hot?

Just joking…ish.

Tell me what category you fall under? Engaged? Married? Kids? Etc.

I know I was saying I was feeling homesick a few days ago and I was. It was simply for missed people. My family, especially, and my friends. And I know I have had a few troubles concerning people here in VA, however, God always takes care of me. And I do have some great friends here. Five that I would like to highlight are Kristie, Amy, Gretchen, Julie C., and Leila

Kristie – she is basically my twin. It is dangerous when we are together. I do not think my stomach muscles would be nearly as strong if she was not my friend. We basically laugh non-stop when we are together. We do not have to talk to know what each other is laughing about. Anyway, she is fabulous because she has offered to pick me up from the metro station every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday after my acting class. These classes end at 10pm at the earliest. Most of the time she would have to leave her house at approx. 11:15 or 11:30 to pick me up. I did not ask. She offered. I was completely planning on taking a taxi home from the meto on those nights for 4 weeks. It would have been $10 a time, but I did not think I had a choice. Kristie gave me a choice. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and she shrugs and says it’s what a friend should do. Thank you friend!

Amy: She will pick me up for choir and church even though she does not live too close to me. Never have I heard her complain and I have never felt awkward asking her for a ride. Many who know me know that I am not too comfortable asking for things, like rides. If I ask once and I feel I am encroaching, then I will not ask again and I will do things like take a taxi (’cause I hate walking anywhere the dark). Amy makes me call her, will call and offer and will even apologize if she is late. She’s the one doing the favour! She has even defended me when people have told her that I should “find my own way to get somewhere” (like I do not feel bad enough).

Gretchen – Another self-less individual. She also drives me to choir and church when needed and she never complains. When I was home for Christmas she contacted me to ask if I needed a ride from the airport! I do not even expect people to remember when I’m flying in! She’s incredible and one of the funniest people alive.

Julie – Another girl who is willing to go out of her way to drive me places. She is awesome! Just this last Sunday she called to see if I wanted to go to evening service at church. She was already there, but was willing to come and pick me up so I could go. She is awesome!

Leila – She is my roommate and will go out of her way to drive me to my internship. I have never even asked, but she offers. She will even apologize if she has to go into work later or earlier, like she has scorned me. She’s awesome. She does not have to do it, but she does. I never feel awkward and she even lets me use her car if needed.

I guess by now you have noticed that I often need rides to places. I have no car here in VA and in September 2007 I had to learn the metro system. I have asked for/gotten rides from people and very often I feel like I am a hinderance. But with these girls, I never have to feel bad. God is good, because before I moved here, my dad and I were trying to weigh the options of getting a car. When I had to move in September, I was thinking that I would have to get a car somehow, but I could not afford it. It turns out that God uses other people to bless and these girls are examples of such. It is amazing.

Thank you ladies! Thank you God!

So, you know those bands that contact you on myspace and ask you to add them and listen to their music? Yeah, well I do not usually acknowledge those requests. Actually, I do not acknowledge the requests of people I do not know. However, I did answer this one message I got. The deciding factor? He mentioned Kamron Hack. Kamron is a fantastic individual. I seriously have never heard her say anything negative about anyone. Ever. Furthermore, she is a fantastic and fabulously talented singer. In short, I think she is amazing. Oh and I recently (and when I say recently, I mean 2005 or 2006) found out that she was the voice talent on one of my favourite Disney TV movies: Polly. One of the most fabulous moments in life.

But I digress. The reason for this post is to highlight a new band that I discovered. Well, they kinda contacted me. Joseph King (lead singer and guitarist) contacted me on myspace because I have Kamron Hack listed as one of my favourite singers. He went to school with her and she is also one of his favourite people. He told me of a show that he and his band were playing in DC and invited me to it. I nearly did not go because I had a prior engagement. However, I found out that it was feasible and so I went with two friends. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, the band had finished their set. We did not get to see them play, which is sad, however, we did get to meet the band members, which was really cool.




Even though we were not able to see them play live, I did get a CD and it is awesome. This is how they describe their sound:

Imagine the early Police, Manu Chao and The Cure collaborating to write a Quentin Tarantino movie soundtrack. Sprinkle in the energy of a late 60’s feel good anthem, some modern day indie-rock soundscapism, and you have the ingredients of Brooklyn-based Deadbeat Darling.

I love the song Let it Go. I love all the songs, but the first words of the chorus of this song are the best:

Just to make you laugh I’ll try almost anything…

The band has such a different sound than the cookie cutter bands out there. Their musicality and lyrics are fabulous. And they have a trumpet player! Fabulous! Visit their myspace page and have a look and listen. You will be glad you did.

Deadbeat Darling: Belle Epoch – A+


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