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My Weak StatsI was looking at my stats today and although, in reality, stats should not affect my blogging self-esteem, I realize that I am the maker of my own stats. And my BSE (that’s an acronym for blogging self esteem) is loooooooow. And it is all due to my lack of good/consistent entries that my stats suffer so. I need a blogging plan.

One day my cousin was reading about making a blogging plan or whatever. I think the article was about knowing what you will blog about ahead of time, sort of schedule it, structure it. At least I think that’s what the article was about, based on the title, because, of course, I didn’t read it.

That’s why she has more loyal readers. And that’s why she is such a good blogger. Commitment. I don’t even know when the year anniversary of my blogs are (I have another one here which was really here first) That’s how lethargic I am about the whole operation (not sure that’s the correct word).

Annnnnyway, I’m thinking I am going to settle down one day and create a blogging plan. I vow to become a better blogger. Find things to blog about that I am interested in and will interest others. Perhaps will be intellectual and make humanity ponder its very existence.

Or maybe, I’ll remain the way I am because I am so lazy.

We’ll see.