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Sometimes I think I can write. Sometimes I don’t think I can write. I reckon that March 2009 will be a time when I think that I can write. Because I’m going to be in print.

One of my friends is Dammy Ogunseitan. He is an amazing entrepreneur. He is the co-creator and the Senior Vice President of Operations of the Canada Africa Investment Promotion Agency (C.A.I.P.A.). In the past, he created a magazine (that he no longer has the rights to) and now he has created another magazine. And he has probably done a billion other things that I do not even know of.

Anyway, meet:

REACH‘s concept was inspired by the perceived need to showcase the aspirations and the achievements of young talented and little known entrepreneurs. In my opinion, Dammy should be showcased in the first issue.

But that’s my opinon.

But I digress. This whole post is to shine the spotlight on this crazily talented individual and to let you know that he gave me the honour of writing for the first issue. Yep, I am going to be in print with an article titled, “The Personality of Nigeria.” It’s about…. the personality of Nigeria.

Just look up the magazine in March (it will also have online issues for those not local) and you can read it. You will not be disappointed…. well you won’t be with the mag. If you are with the article, I apologize. Profusely.

Oh yeah, and the on the air part of the my title refers to the radio spot that Dammy and his business partner (I think) Sharlene Mendiola did. On Hunt FM. Check out the spot.

It’s cool to be part of something that is positive and beneficial to many young people.

Even though, in comparison, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished so little in life.

Just kidding.




My experience with the song just got better.

First a recap.

1. Didn’t know the following song:

2. It was bothering me for a hot minute.

3. Asked the world wide web…world.

4. Then this fantastic individual came through.

5. She let me know that it came from a musical called Go-Go Beach.

6. And they’re on facebook.

7. It made my day.

And then, just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I received the following comment last night:

Hey there!  I wish we had found your blog sooner.  Email me and we’ll get you a copy of the *full* song!

FYI, this song is called “A Day Like Today” from the musical “Go-Go Beach” by John Wimbs, Michael Shaieb, and Brent Lord.

This recording is from the “Full Score Demo” recorded in 2001 and is sung by Sara Ramirez (Spamalot, Grey’s Anatomy) and Gavin Creel (Thoroughly Modern Millie, “Claude” in the upcoming Hair).

Um…. how fantabulous is that?!?! The comment was left by an individual who just called himself “Brent.” Yeah, I’m thinking it’s Brent Lord himself, making him quite modest. I know if it was me and I created something so cool and I was commenting on some crazy person’s someone’s blog, the following sentence would have read like this:

FYI, this song is called “A Day Like Today” from the musical “Go-Go Beach” by John Wimbs, Michael Shaieb, and ME!!!!!.

Ha, just joking. Actually I’m not. No, really I’m joking. Hmmm….

And it’s no wonder that I loved the song so much… Sara Ramirez was [one of] the singer[s]! Many may know her as “Callie Torres” on Grey’s Anatomy. But many do not even know how she got her role on Grey’s. It’s because she’s freaking awesome (for the complete story… look it up).

She is an absolutely incredible singer and is incredibly stunning. I have not seen Spamalot, which she did on Broadway, but I know the soundtrack inside and out. I bought it because of her. But I am kinda embarrassed (again) that I didn’t recognize her voice at all…. but hindsight is 20/20… or so they say.

So, I could say that my life is now complete, but that would just be a lie. However, it’s still pretty darn cool, all that transpired due to my ignorance.

I heart musicals!

P.S. Sorry for the billion and one links.

gogoThis woman is my absolute hero!!!!! I could not, for the life of me, find this song. I searched and searched, but to no avail. I knew it sounded like it was from a musical, however, the song still managed to escape me.

Then the incredible happened. This is what Ms. Diamond Hawk had to say:

Ok… so I really dont like when I cant find something and can spend a considerable amount of time looking for it until I find something…. Well I took on your challenge… and I found the song.

When I listened to it… it sounded like a play… maybe a broadway musical of some sort… and I sorta searched for it that way…

It is titled “A day like today” from the musical Go Go Beach

Here’s a link to check out part of the song:

They’re on facebook… and you can hear the full length song there… it’s track 11

Ok, anyone who knows me, knows that I love Broadway musicals. Well, musicals in general. And I MEAN LOVE!!! So, after reading this awesome lady’s comment, I almost felt slight sheepish, not to mention embarrassed that I was unable to find the song myself. What kinda buff am I? I have not even heard of Go Go Beach. She made it seem so easy. Howeverrrrrrr, my sheepishness and embarrassment was largly overshadowed by my happiness to finally know this song. I can rest easy once again.

You are my hero Diamond.

Now I can resume getting a life.

Ok, so I think I figured out how to embed a song to this post. Finally. Still have not figured out the song yet though. Google and have let me down.

So, please play, listen and tell me if you know what it is.

I will not lose hope!

So, yesterday I was asking for your assistance with a song. One commentor (the only commentor) asked me to include the song in my post. See, I have done that before, embedded a song into a post… but I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to do it again.

Help anyone?

Ok, so I have this song on my iPOD. I have no idea where it came from. Could have been from a whole host of places. Actually, it’s half a song. Less even. It is a couple of lines, and then it fades out.

Anyway, I have grown to admire, if not love that less than half a song, but I have no idea what it is called. It would make sense if it was called “A Day Like Today” or “On a Day Like Today,” but I’ve looked it up everywhere and all I get is Bryan Adam’s song. Furthermore, I have typed the lyrics into search engines. Nothing.

Just wondering if anybody out there can help me? Name the song and tell me where it is from. And perhaps, how I can get it?

Here are the lyrics:

I’ve made a fortune,

they tell me I’m hot.

So why do I fell like, I’m something I am not?

My head is spinning,

I’m caught in a whirl.

I’m tired of being the Hollywood girl.

But I need to feel the sunris.

I need to touch the rain.

I need to swim in the ocean with a boy like you

On a day like to day

A day like to day.

Thanks in advance.

You’re my hero.

I think it is only appropriate to start this series at the beginning. To start it with the reason I was able to go to Nigeria for the first time in my 27 years of life. Ideally, my whole family would have gone, but lack of finances did not allow it to be so. Therefore, exactly half of my family was able to go: My dad, my sister and me.


Visiting family, was obviously a major reason for our trip. However, it was not the only reason. See, my dad is a pastor and he was invited to preach at a conference in one of the biggest churches in Nigeria: The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM). This conference ran from November 17th-23rd and featured special guests from all over the Africa and the world. The theme of the conference was “A God Said…” For my first week in Nigeria, I went to church basically all day every day. And athough I suffered from jetlag, it was an enjoyable experience. God was evident everywhere.


The other reason we went to Nigeria was for my Dad’s charity: REST International Ministries. The last time my dad traveled to Nigeria was in 2006. While he was there, he visited various schools and was amazed at their conditions. One such school was Ozar Secondary School in Abia State. This is a government school and many government schools are in deplorable states. Living in Canada, it is so obvious that we take school for granted. We expect to have doors on our buildings. They do not. We expect to have desks to sit in and equipment to use. They are thankful if they do. We expect to use a functioning bathroom at least once per day. They do not even have a functioning bathroom on the premises. This is what my dad saw in 2006.


So he took it upon himself to help make a difference. Upon returning to Canada, he started fundraising for desks. My Dad ended up raising enough money to make 100 three-seater desks for the school (there are 400 students) and 8 desks for the principal and teachers.


My dad is a humble man. He did not think that what he did was a big deal. He thought that he would just go to the school and hand over the desks. Many had to convince him that his act of philanthropy was, in fact, a big deal. It turned out that there was a whole big ceremony.


They welcomed him with singing:


They welcomed him with dancing.


They even presented him with a chief’s hat and outfit. Government officials were also invited, although I do not remember who they were.

The students and the administrators were so thankful. It was a very amazing and humbling experience. It just puts into perspective what we take for granted here every day. These kids were happy to get desks. Can you imagine?


So, that is the back-story explaining why I went to Nigeria.

nigeria3Stay tuned for more!

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