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Sometimes I am an impatient person.

Ok, let me rephrase that: I am sometimes impatient when it comes to getting something I want.

I am patient when it comes to everything else, including taking care of kids. I get that from my dad.

Anyway, in this post, I am talking about owning a house and having children.

My brother is 15 months younger than I and has just bought his first house.

I am jealous.

Yes, I know, I went to school longer. I have not been settled. I have no job. I have NO money. Blah blah blah… I know all that stuff. It still does not stop me from being extremely jealous. I love houses. I don’t mind going out with my dad to open houses, even with no chance of buying (although my dad and mom are looking into purchasing. They believe they have outgrown our current home and so do I… believe they have…but that’s another story).

My brother’s house has six bedrooms. It’s two years old. Here is a picture. I am jealous…oh and proud:

As for the kids part, I keep torturing myself by reading some many adoption blogs. Grace is leaving to pick up her child. She now has two. Carlos and Heather have three children. And I just found this stunning family.

I love kids. I also get that from my dad.

When people ask me how many children I want, I say 12. Some ask me to repeat, stunned, sure they misheard. Others laugh in disbelief. Few accept without reaction. But that’s it. 12. Actually the number increased since the beginning of July, but then I decided on another country I wanted to adopt from. You want to witness my family structure? Ok. Here goes (in no particular order):

  • 4 children by personal pregnancy
  • Nigeria
  • Ethiopia
  • Philippines
  • Korea
  • India
  • Guatemala
  • Kazakhstan
  • Haiti

Now, the thing is, that is my plan today, but it might change. Because I also plan to foster children and will most likely do that before I begin adopting. Therefore, things might happen to lead me to adopt from the foster system, which I am open to. One family that I love to read about is this family because they show me it can be done.

So, I would not mind having a house and kids today. Perhaps, not the full 12 while I am single, but I would not be adverse to fostering now. Actually, I am looking into becoming certified or whatever the term is, so that I can foster once I gain employment and find another place to live. It will happen, I know. But the impatient part of me wants it to happen now. The realistic part of me knows I have to wait. *sigh*

Now, to find a hot Christian man who will not be scared off. Hmmm….


My friend WOO WOO just got engaged this past weekend. That makes about 180,000 of my friends.

My cousin just got married two Saturdays ago (Sadly, I could not attend). She is the first one of us to have done so.

My close friend got married at the end of July (I could not attend this one either). Of our group of nine, she is the fifth to get married. Oh, but two are dating and two are single. Guess which category I fall under.

A long lost friend just found me on Facebook. Literally right now. She is engaged.

My roommate from uni who is one of my best friends, well, up until last year, we were in the same situation. She had never had a boyfriend and really had never been asked out. But things change and she got married in May.

My best friend from high school is one year older than yours truly. She is married with four children (one being my beautiful goddaughter…oh and the other three are beautiful too).

I have not even had a boyfriend for goodness sakes! I have not even had a proper date. This is not what I imagined my life would be like when I was younger. When I was 7, I knew that I would be married with kids by the age of 25. I knew I would be just like Claire Huxstable.

I’m nearly 27.

So, you can forgiveĀ  me if I say that I feel like I am behind. Many and when I say many, I mean MANNNNNY of my friends are at least engaged, if not married, if not mothers. I even torture myself with reading adoption blogs such as this one. This fantastic individual is a year younger than me and a mother of two. So jealous.

Therefore, I see myself as a late bloomer. My married-mother-of-four-best friend and I were talking two night ago and laughed about the fact that her children will be my babysitters. Well, she laughed and I cried. But I guess my sobs could have sounded like chuckles. *SIGH* The good part is that I will have a large pool of babysitters to choose from, which could prove to be handy.

I have almost resigned myself to getting an imaginary boyfriend just like this cunning & brilliant young lady (not cunning and brilliant just for having an imaginary boyfriend, but because… well if you read her blog, you’d know. It’s fantastic!). Obviously it would not be the same imaginary boyfriend because that would be adultery.

But after receiving news, hearing engagement stories, opening wedding invitations and viewing baby pictures, I have to force myself to take a step back and realize that what my friends (you know the ones that try to comfort you and provide reasons to why you are still single? No? Oh, I do.) say may be true. Perhaps I have not allowed myself to be available for a relationship. As many know, I have not been in one place for a long time. I am like a rolling stone (ok, so, I am not exactly like the song, mainly because I am a girl, among other things. But I do wear hats). Plus, and I have heard this many times from different people, I [may] intimidate guys. Sad but true. I do not mean to. I do not even know what I do that intimidates them. I am a nice girl. But apparently I manage to scare them off.

And some say that I have to put myself out there. Like if I find a guy attractive, I should make the first move. Umm… there is just one tiny thing that I am afraid of: rejection. Also, forgive me, but I am a little old fashioned. I feel like a guy should make the move. But I guess if they are intimidated, they won’t, huh?

Oh, and it is kinda… funny(*sigh*) when the only people who are telling you that you are good looking are other girls or gay guys. Appreciated, but I cannot do much with that, can I?

Sometimes I am fine with my single status. Sometimes I am not. But ultimately, I know I must wait. And I am waiting. I am waiting for God’s best. Someone who will do things like this for me. And I know he will be amazing.

But seriously God, must this drag on? How much longer must I wait? hehe…*SIGH*

Anyone know a single guy who is a true Christian and who is hot?

Just joking…ish.

Tell me what category you fall under? Engaged? Married? Kids? Etc.

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