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I am back from, as my friend so eloquently put it, my OHMYGOSHHOWLONGWASTHISVACATION six week Nigeria trip. And let me tell you, it was unbelievable. First time to Nigeria and first time meeting the majority of my family. Before this trip, I had only met one Auntie and one Uncle on my dad’s side and then my maternal grandma. I have now met everyone which includes my mom’s 2 sisters and one brother, their spouses, and my 9 cousins. And I saw my grandma again. On my dad’s side, I finally got to meet my dad’s step mom, my youngest uncle (a mere 10 years my senior), my uncle’s fiance, my dad’s brother in law and my cousin. I also got to see my dad’s sister again after 18 years.

My dad and I stayed in Nigeria for six weeks and my sister was there for three. Yes, we took plenty of pictures. And when I say plenty, multiply that number in your head by 1000. Because my sister is studying photography and has a Nikon D300, most of the pictures that I will be using in my upcoming posts will be hers. Because they’re brilliant. And we also have tons of video.

So please, let me jetlag detox, but keep your eyes open for many upcoming posts chronicling my adventures.

(haha, a picture of a boy, not related. Just lived in the apartment below my Auntie and Uncle, where we stayed the majority of the time in Lagos. Loved him. Don’t even know his name…)


God is Good.


Matt O’Neill

So, I know this boy who is completely random. He lives in my building and he has become a friend. And he’s random. Completely. Anyway, he gave me a shout out on his YouTube blog thingy. It is because he was supposed to update his YouTube blog thingy last Thursday. LAST THURSDAY!! But it did not happen. Today is NEXT THURSDAY!  And I suffered. I could not sleep. I was depressed because I missed one of my favourite shows.

However, I was in for a great surprise today when I found out that the newest episode was posted. And then I was tickled when he gave me a shout out. Personally. How awesome!

So….. without further ado, here’s Matt!!

Subscribe to his YouTube blog thing here!

Told you he is random.

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